Harley Fisher is absolutely FABULOUS. He sold our ranch that we lived in for 20 years at 1694 South Leyden for so much more than what we anticipated, and he got it sold in four days. You couldn’t ask for more than that!

Harley is a great real estate agent. He came over to look at our home, told us what we needed to do to get it ready, reviewed a bunch of comparisons with us and told us what he thought we should ask. We didn’t think we would get that much, but we took his word for it and he was right . . . and it was way more than we expected.

Harley communicated with us throughout the process, through calls and emails, and we always knew what was going on. He was just great to work with from the very beginning, through inspection and closing, all of which went as smooth as could be. He was really fabulous. He knows the market, knows the neighborhood knows what the price can be. He’s very communicative and very efficient. We couldn’t recommend Harley more. We really feel that no one should ever use anyone else. We think everyone should use Harley as their realtor!

Norm and Priscilla “Pete” Names
Formerly of Denver, now of Tucson

Editor’s note: The Names’ home sold for $10,000 greater than a much more updated home just a block away.

When I was looking for a house in Colorado Springs, I chose Harley as my broker even though I understood that he wouldn’t know the Colorado Springs market as well as a local broker. However, I have known Harley for years (I was in the real estate business myself as an appraiser) and know him to be tremendously honest and highly ethical. I trust him completely, which is why I wanted to work with him. He is also a very experienced broker. He really knows what he’s doing and nothing fazes him when it comes to a real estate transaction.

After I found the house I was interested in, Harley helped me craft the offer. There were three other offers on the house at the time but Harley was able to develop a relationship with the other broker (staying in very close touch with him as well) and told me what I needed to do in order to get the house, which I did, and it worked.

During the due diligence and inspection period Harley was also very helpful and did a great job. Even though I had been in the business, when it’s your own house, it’s a little different. He found me a great inspector through his contacts and was with me for the inspection. He made sure I got a copy of the prior inspection report, which proved to be very helpful, and he guided me through the process and what to ask for, etc. Harley is also very organized and efficient. Once we were under contract, he made me not one but two charts with all the dates and obligations. One was just a simple calendar and one was cross-referenced with the contract provisions.

I say that Harley is super honest and ethical because of the way he looks out for his clients, and isn’t going to push a deal just to make a buck. Here is an example of where he shines. Midway through the contract, I got cold feet. Even though the house was in a great location, I got overwhelmed at the thought of owning an older home and the work that needed to be done . . . and I decided to back out of the deal. Harley never tried to talk me into sticking with the deal or buying the house. He had no concern about his time or his commission. He was never impatient, never lost his cool, never pressured me in the least. In fact, he was a very calming influence and he gave me all the time in the world to work through my concerns on my own and make up my own mind. I did eventually come around to wanting the house, and went through with the purchase, but he was really wonderful in his patience with my process.
I’ve dealt with many other Realtors, and Harley not only knows his stuff, but his honesty and ethics are beyond compare. I highly recommend him.

Anne Eames
Colorado Springs, CO

Harley helped us buy our new house in southeast Denver. We had a great experience with him. We found him to be extraordinarily ethical, knowledgeable and helpful in so many ways.

Our situation was a little challenging because we’re up in Wyoming, so we’d see a house we wanted to look at and get in the car and race down to Denver because in this market, you just can’t wait. Harley made himself available every single time we needed him . . . no matter when we called or how many times we wanted to see something, he was available no matter what. In fact, when we found the this house, we told him we were on our way and even though we didn’t get to Denver until 7:00 that night, Harley was right there to show us the house. At that point, we’d seen enough and knew this was the one we wanted and didn’t want to let it get away, so Harley took us to his house, sat with us at his dining room table and wrote up the offer right then and there . . . it didn’t matter how late it was. We signed it and he got it to the sellers and we got our house.

My husband – who is a mathematician — really appreciated the way Harley put together and presented the facts and figures. He would show us how many houses had sold in an area, prices, comparables, etc.

He’s also been a tremendous resource for us in finding people to work on the house. He has a wealth of contacts in the area and that’s been a great help to us.
Harley is not only very knowledgeable, available and accommodating – way beyond what’s expected — he is also fun to work with; he has a great sense of humor and we actually had a great time with him.

We are very happy to help get the word out about Harley Fisher. We just love him and can’t say enough positive things about him and our experience with him. I feel like we don’t just want him as our real estate agent, we want him as a friend.

– Miche and Ben Roth

Harley is an excellent agent. One of the best! We really liked him a lot and he did a great job for us. He explained everything, answered all our questions, and was just there for us 100%. If something wasn’t right, he spoke up for us. He got us a good price and he got the property (our home in the Baker neighborhood) sold very quickly. We were under contract in three days and closed in 12 days. We both recommend Harley Fisher as an excellent Realtor.

– Bob and Sally Acosta

Harley listed our home for sale in the Virginia Village neighborhood. He was awesome in every way. So professional. So knowledgeable. So helpful. Even before I had signed a listing with him, he showed up at the meeting with a book and took the time to share all kinds of information and explain all kinds of stuff to me. After we listed the property, we had to take the home off the market for a few months. We were over in Grand Junction and Harley kept an eye on a few things at the house for us even though it wasn’t even listed with him anymore. That was just amazing to me!

When we put the house back on the market, it sold in six hours. I had never sold a house before and Harley took the time to explain everything to me and was always in communication throughout the whole process. He was there for me every step of the way. There are pages and pages of papers and forms and contracts to read through and sign, and he took the time to explain it all to me and made sure I understood everything, that all my questions were answered and that I was comfortable. There was never any hard sell or pressure of any kind. He made the whole process much easier and less stressful than it could have been. I felt so comfortable with his representation. Also his honesty is impeccable. I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone as honest and as sweet and kind and as thorough as he is. I would highly recommend him to anybody. I’ll actually miss our daily phone calls. I’ll probably still be calling him periodically just to say hi.

–Sharon Blackburn

I worked with Harley on buying a house in the Hoffman Heights area of Denver. He did everything I hoped for. . . and more. I wasn’t really familiar with what a real estate agent actually brought to the table because I bought my first house 25 years ago and hardly remember the transaction, and my second house, which I bought seven years ago, I did without an agent. But in this case, Harley kept surprising me with all he added to the transaction, the things he would take over and handle for me, the suggestions he made, and the things he knew to look for and ask about. For example, he is very cautious about things like cracks in the walls; he pays close attention to those kinds of details and other things I might not notice or might miss.

Once the sellers accepted our lower offer, I was prepared to buy the property “as is.” But Harley felt that there were items that we should at least ask them to take care of such as a leaky dishwasher, a problem in the sewer line, an electrical issue etc. He said it couldn’t hurt to ask, and he was right. He definitely earned his keep! He is also a very pleasant person to spend time with.

I have already recommended Harley a couple of times and will continue to do so. I tell people, “If you are looking for a real estate agent to help you buy or sell a house, Harley Fisher is the guy you need to talk to.”

–Paul Klosterman
Denver, CO

Harley sold my house in Virginia Vale. I had a very good experience with him and he was very helpful. He really knows this neighborhood and this area. I told him I didn’t really want to hear feedback after the showings, that I only wanted to hear when someone wanted to buy it, and he honored that. Harley thought we could have gotten more for the house, but he showed me comparable sold prices and I was comfortable with the price and thought it was a fair offer. We gave a small concession on closing costs but sold everything else “as is” and everything worked out real well. I would definitely recommend him for buying or selling a house, especially in this area.

— Marcia M.
formerly Denver, now Seattle, WA

Harley is one of the best people I have ever dealt with in the industry. I’ve talked with brokers in the past, and they are usually a lot of hype but not a lot of action. Harley was the best choice I could have possibly made. The deal went really fast, which surprised the heck out of me. We had an offer in two days at a price that was more than I wanted. Harley was very thorough on all the details. He knows the paperwork inside and out and prepped me for the closing so that I knew what was going on and was super comfortable. I couldn’t have picked a better man and I give him high praise.

— Larry Moncrieff

Harley sold my mom’s house on South Ivanhoe for us after she passed away. He was wonderful! He was kind and patient and so on top of things — great with all the paperwork and timelines and details.

He is very knowledgeable and at the same time very personable and caring. He is also great at communication and follow-up, always getting back to me, even if it was 9:00 at night. He doesn’t procrastinate about anything. He’s right there, on top of things and gets it done.

Although my mom’s home was old and had some real challenges — such as being built in the 1950s, only one bathroom, no central heat and air, asbestos siding and a very small kitchen – we were able to sell the house quickly and at a great price. We got five contracts from five different investors, so it was pretty crazy, but Harley navigated us through the craziness very well, and we were able to sell [and close] the house within a month at a price that surprised all of us. I think the house being on a large corner lot and the Montessori school nearby were positive factors, as well as the fact that Harley lives in the neighborhood and knows it very well.

Harley was kind and patient throughout the process and went above and beyond the call of duty. For example, after our estate sale in March, we had set two TVs out on the curb and had a couch in the carport in the driveway. Harley went by the house one day and saw a notice on the door that the couch and TVs had to be moved. Instead of just calling me in Nebraska and saying this had to be handled, he dragged the TVs and couch back into the garage himself so we wouldn’t get a ticket. A lot of realtors wouldn’t have done that, bless his heart. He also called a few weeks after the closing to see how my brother was doing because he had been sick.

I can’t say enough about Harley. I give him a 5-star rating for everything he did, which I especially appreciated because I am out of state.

— Kim Gautier
Culbertson, Nebraska

Harley helped me purchase a loft in downtown Denver. He was absolutely fantastic. I can’t speak highly enough about him and how extremely great he was in representing me in my first experience buying a home.

First of all, he is very honest. Whenever I asked his opinion about a place we looked at – including the loft I ended up buying – he would give me the pros and cons totally honestly.

Second, I bought my loft in a short sale — and I think this was the shortest short sale ever. I made my offer the week before Christmas and we closed on February 7th. Short sales are notorious for taking a super long time. Someone told me the other day that their short sale transaction took 18 months to close. Somehow Harley made this happen in seven weeks and stayed on top of every detail so that transaction proceeded smoothly.

He also wrote an exceptional contract for me. It was extremely buyer friendly and protective, but did not cross the line to turning off the seller or jeopardizing the deal. Harley is very knowledgeable and walked me through the process of the contract and of buying a home because it was my first time. He made sure I understood everything.

He was also extremely helpful in the guidance he offered, the tips he provided and the contacts he had. He hooked me up with a great lender, a great home inspector and more. He is a wealth of useful information and contacts. Anything a first time home buyer would need or want, Harley provided.
And he also went out of his way to fulfill any request. He did a lot of leg work over and above the call of duty.

Harley is very knowledgeable, very attentive, very honest and very kind. He was a pleasure to work with in every way. I truly could not have asked for a better real estate agent.

— Chris Simpson

Harley Fisher’s knowledge and experience really stood out when he sold our home in Lakewood. His strength is not just in selling; he has a lot of knowledge and expertise in the contract itself, which is very important. Harley is quite thorough when it comes to the contract, and very detailed throughout the transaction.

Our home hadn’t been updated for 10 years and Harley was getting feedback that the kitchen and other parts of the house were too dated. But we have three highly-ranked schools from K-12 in our immediate neighborhood and that makes it a desirable place to live. The house sold in five days without any updating. Harley put it on the market on December 31st, and we had a contract on the 4th at a price we were very happy with.

We had one little complication where the buyers were originally applying for a loan and we agreed to certain closing costs, and then they switched to being cash buyers. Harley caught that and was able to get us back half the closing costs.

Harley is great with communication and availability. I always knew what was going on throughout the transaction. He constantly updated me by phone or email, so there were no surprises. He was also available to us any time of day or night if we had questions or needed information. One night we had a question come up at 9:30 at night and we called him at quarter of 10 and he answered the phone and said it was no problem and helped us right away.

I would absolutely recommend Harley Fisher. He is knowledgeable, experienced, is excellent with contract details, is always available and is a great communicator.

–M Heckler

We had our Denver home listed with another agent for seven months with almost 50 showings and not a single offer. We listed with Harley on February 1st, got a number of solid offers, were under contract within three months (mid-May) and had our closing on June 21st.

Our first agent was very nice, but the house just wasn’t selling and her communication wasn’t that great. We often didn’t hear from her for a week at a time and didn’t always get feedback after a showing.

Harley has been selling houses in our neighborhood for more than 30 years, so we thought we’d give him a try. We are very glad we made that decision.

We believe that a number of things that Harley did contributed to his ability to sell our house.

First of all, he is great at communication and keeping in close touch. He always returned our calls within a day, and not only provided a weekly summary of all activity on the house, but we heard from him after every showing with detailed feedback and specifics of what buyers were saying about the house, what they liked and didn’t like, what was standing in the way of a sale and what we might do to improve our chances of selling. We listened to the suggestions and responded to Harley’s recommendations, and this was probably the biggest factor in getting the house sold.
Harley also had a very specific marketing plan. He held regular open houses, had a clear strategy for where flyers should be distributed, and had other ideas for how to actively promote the listing. Obviously it worked.
Although he was the professional, he was also open to our ideas and suggestions, for example some changes in wording and the addition of some pictures on marketing materials.
Knowing the neighborhood as well as he did, he also recommended a price adjustment, which we understood and accepted.
He expertly counseled us through the offer and counter-offer process, and how best to craft and handle our responses, which was very useful in getting the house under contract.
The combination of these factors, plus Harley’s general skill, manner and expertise are what got the house sold.

When it came to the closing, Harley was also extremely helpful, walking us through every step, explaining the closing documents line by line, and helping us through the whole process.

Above all, Harley is a gentleman: kind, caring with a very pleasing personality a high level of integrity and a wonderful sense of humor. We enjoyed working with him very much.

– Nolan and Teresa Waguespack

My wife and I just completed the purchase of our first home and we are very glad we chose Harley Fisher as our realtor. During the whole process, Harley was there every step of the way. He gave us guidance and advice on every aspect of the purchase, from helping us choose the right home for our family, to finding an excellent lender, to getting the home inspected, and getting moved in. His knowledge and expertise truly made this whole transaction go very smoothly! We are very grateful for all of his help and I would not hesitate to recommend Harley Fisher to anyone looking for an excellent realtor!

— Michael Dyer

Harley helped us sell our home in the DU/Porter Hospital area of Denver. I was very, very impressed with him. He got me a better price than I could have hoped for. I thought he was crazy when it came to the asking price, but he felt it was supported by the data, and in fact, he did get us the asking price less only about $900. I was thrilled! Harley really bends over backwards for his clients. He’s really amazing. He’s also very thorough, very detail oriented and very caring. You get the feeling he truly cares about what you want, your feelings and wishes. He did a great job marketing the house, made a great brochure, and even bothered to take a series of pictures to showcase the interior rooms.

–Linda Miller

I’ve never encountered a realtor who had as much integrity such as yourself; among other strong qualities…. you always
look out for the best for your client, and do what is good and right.

-S Kollmann

Harley helped me buy a house that I absolutely love. I fell in love with the neighborhood and without being asked he pulled all the reports on the area, data on sales and asking prices, crime rate – everything – and even dropped it off for me at work. The thing that really stands out about him is that it is clear that he has the client’s needs and preferences in mind and not his own agenda. He is one of the best guys I’ve ever worked with and is the most service oriented person I know. Because the market was hot and he knew what I was looking for, he was checking listings twice a day. Because I work and it was hard for me to get away, he would take his own time to drive by the listing for me to be sure it was worth my time. Sometimes he would even drop information off at work if it was a property he felt we should act on quickly.

He’s very thorough with offers, contracts and the paper work. He explains everything to you so you know what’s going on and is very detail oriented. I absolutely loved working with him. I will definitely refer clients to him, and already have.

–A. Tobin

Harley is a wonderful man. He has a lot of integrity. The thing that stands out most about him is that he was genuinely more concerned with helping me find the right house than making his paycheck. He helped me look on and off for two years, but I wasn’t really serious for the first 18 months of that. Once I did get serious about buying a house, it took me a long time to find something because I was very picky. I wanted a really big garage and I wanted a real deal, so we were looking at foreclosures. Most of them were so trashed that we’d walk in the front door and walk right out again. I was starting to feel bad about how much of Harley’s time I was taking and about his fuel costs, so I offered him some money to compensate him, which he wouldn’t even consider taking. But we did get to where I’d drive by the house first to see if we should even set up a showing for us to both look at it. The home I ended up buying was listed on a Friday night. I drove by it Saturday morning and called Harley and said, “This is the one!” and he got right up here and wrote the offer that day! As a first time buyer, I really appreciated the way he guided me through the contract and buying process, explained everything and went through all the steps with me. He was also actively involved in making sure everything got accomplished on time. We closed in about 30 days and my new house is just fantastic! I highly recommend Harley for his patience, his integrity and his real concern for his client’s best interests. He’s especially great for a first time home buyer. I’ve already recommended him to another first time buyer and will do so again.

–Rob Barber

Harley Fisher was nothing short of amazing in helping me sell my house. I knew that he was very precise, deliberate, and meticulous in his work and since I was in Kansas City and selling my house from 600 miles away I wanted someone I could totally trust to handle the details. Harley works closely with a real estate lawyer and is very knowledgeable himself. If you want someone who will make sure that all the i’s are dotted and all the t’s are crossed, Harley is the way to go. Once I called him to ask about selling the house, he jumped on it and immediately sent me a huge packet of information including comparable properties, comparative selling prices, market trends, etc. He really took the time to educate me on the ins and outs of selling a house. He would even send me newspaper or magazine articles he came across from time to time. He was honest and straight-forward from the beginning, telling me what he thought we could get and what to expect in terms of timing . . . but then he got the house under contract in about six days! Once the house was under contract, he really went above and beyond the call of duty because I was 600 miles away. When issues came up in the inspection and appraisal, he handled them, going so far as to find a plumber for me, meet him at the house, things like that. He is quite simply incredible to work with. I would never use anyone but Harley for any kind of real estate matter as long as I live.

–Dana Cable

Harley helped me buy a house and he was absolutely wonderful. He is very service-oriented and very low-key, definitely not your typical real estate agent. I was a single mom, buying my first house on my own and it was nerve-wracking. He was incredibly patient with me. We looked at a lot of houses before I found something I wanted and could afford. I think most other agents would have given up on me, but Harley hung in there. He ended up finding me a great house in the exact neighborhood I wanted and at well under market rate. I am so happy and so content here. Really, I got exactly what I wanted. Although he was patient and never tried to “sell” me on anything, he also knew when to encourage me to take action and when it was time to make the deal. He also went through the contract with me line-by-line making sure I understood every provision. I’ve recommended Harley to a lot of people and I would definitely use him again if I ever buy or sell a home in the future.
–Leslie Burget

We worked with Harley on both selling and buying a home. It may be an overused word, but Harley is truly awesome. Within a week he had our old house in Parker North sold, and our new house in Highlands Ranch under contract. He worked very hard, put in long hours and made exceptional efforts on our behalf.
On the selling side, he presented us with a very thorough and detailed market analyses and showed us exactly how he came up with his recommended selling price. It turned out his assessment was 100% accurate. Once he put the house on the market, we had tons of showings and had multiple offers in the first week. He analyzed each offer with us and counseled us through the process.

In terms of helping us buy a house, he was very intuitive and really paid attention to the things we said we wanted and were important. We felt very listened to and understood, unlike with Realtors we worked with in the past who seemed to have their own ideas of what we should look at rather than really getting what we wanted. He spent a lot of time and energy trying to find the right fit for us, and once he had a real sense of what we wanted, he was able to save us lots of time by narrowing down the market and only presenting things he knew would work. Once had had a sense of us, in less than 5 or 6 days he found us a great house and had it under contract for us.

We are very happy with the service he provided us. We tell everyone we know about how wonderful he was and recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a house.

–Tom and Terri Polakowski

Harley is a very conscientious and meticulous listing agent. With his years of service in real estate, he’s exceptional at providing the client advice and counsel, always open, honest and presenting both sides of an issue. Regardless of selling or buying a home, Harley ensures his clients are able to make informed decisions. I’ve also utilized his website. Harley’s done a great job developing his website (www.harleyfisher.com) with helpful links and real estate tips.
I would definitely recommend Harley Fisher for future real estate needs!


Harley sold two houses for us and is working with us to find a rural property to buy. He did a phenomenal job marketing our properties. He generated a huge amount of showings, probably 50-60 showings. Whenever activity slowed down, he would refresh the listing and we’d get a ton more showings. He did a great job at marketing, made us a fabulous color brochure, always kept the box full, followed up with every broker after every showing and always gave us feedback. His attitude is basically that he will do whatever it takes. On our residence, he provided us with an incredibly detailed market analysis – the kind you would normally pay an appraiser $500 for and he did it for free with no obligation. We had an offer and a back-up very quickly. We basically got the price we wanted on both properties. He’s just the best! We also felt very safe and protected in the detailed way he handled the contract.
In helping us find a new house, Harley has gone way above and beyond the call of duty. We’re looking at rural horse properties and they can be hard to find and hard to appraise and finance. He’s been so patient and so creative, trying to come up with alternatives. Again his attitude is that he’ll do whatever it takes. He’s gone so far as to knock on the door of properties that weren’t even listed for sale if they were what we were looking for. He just felt that it couldn’t hurt to ask. He came across a property in some comps that was exactly what we were looking for and though it wasn’t for sale, he convinced us to let him call them, and lo and behold, they were open to entertaining an offer.

A perfect example of Harley’s “above and beyond service” is that we are having trouble getting financing for certain properties. Harley called the listing agents on 85 properties to find us some resources for financing, and just sent us a list of 23 mortgage companies that will finance these kinds of unusual properties. I know I’ve said the word “phenomenal” a bunch of times, but it’s accurate. Harley Fisher does a phenomenal job!

–Lucinda L. Loudon-Campbell

Dear Harley,
I hope this bonus will come as a pleasant surprise. I do appreciate all of the good advice and assistance that you provided in selling my home. You were helpful with suggestions in getting it ready to sell, provided excellent resources for work that needed to be done, took great care in crafting the documentation, were there to advise on offers and counters, and listened to and answered every question asked. Great service, Harley! Never did I imagine that it would sell for more than the asking price. The bonus that resulted is mine to share and I would like you to accept this token of my thanks for job well done.

Janey Walch

We really appreciated your professionalism and the guidance you offered in our home search. It was comforting to know that there was never a hidden agenda and that you were working for our interests. We wish you continued success, and thanks for the plant.

Markus and Caroline Emsermann

Harley Fisher recently sold my house in central Boulder; and he did so in the face of great challenges and obstacles.

I can hardly say enough about Harley. He is extremely intelligent and completely up on his business. His communication is exceptional; he kept me informed every step of the way and clarified for me those areas about which I knew nothing — which were plenty. Other agents might have been frustrated with all the explaining he had to do for me, but he was always patient, willing, personable, informative, and never made me feel I was any kind of burden.

The most outstanding thing about Harley was the way he went way above and beyond the call of duty in handling some of the obstacles we ran into. Boulder can be a very challenging municipality, and we ran into some issues with flood plains and subsequent assessments of my home’s value as a result. But Harley was incredible with the way he took on this challenge. He just jumped in with his amazing energy, and actually tackled the City of Boulder and everyone else he needed to talk to. He proactively got every bit of information on land usage and land values that a prospective buyer would need to know to make an informed decision and feel comfortable about buying the house. He covered all the bases and freed up all the parties and prospects with the information he provided, thus enabling a comfortable transaction. Harley went way beyond all expectations and was never daunted by any obstacle we ran into — and Boulder has lots of obstacles. But Harley would just do more research, talk to more people, and just keep on going until the situation was resolved. He has a truly wonderful way of approaching problems.

In addition, Harley is personable, rational, really smart, very skillful, a great communicator and has boundless energy. He’s never tired, never frustrated, and nothing is too much for him. He’ll talk with anyone, see anyone, meet with anyone, make any arrangements necessary. He’s not put off by any difficulty or challenge. He is, quite simply, extraordinary and has a lot to offer. He’s just a wonderful resource on every level.

This is all in stark contrast to the agent who sold me my house in Florida, who did nothing but the required paperwork, as opposed to the amazing, hardworking Harley with his boundless energy, can-do approach to everything, his incredible level of knowledge and service and his outstanding conscientiousness.

In short, Harley Fisher is a rare personality and a great real estate agent. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Elizabeth Frank

Harley helped us sell our house in southeast Denver. A few things in particular really stood about him. The first is that he took a real interest in us and the property; it wasn’t just a transaction to him, he was really involved, paid attention to details and kept a close watch on everything.
He was also great at communicating with us and very thorough. Every week we got a written report that detailed who looked at the property and what their comments were . . . and this was on top of the phone calls we got after every showing.

Harley is also very candid, very honest. Other real estate agents might try to schmooze you, but Harley lets you know what he’s thinking. He makes it clear that it’s just his opinion and the decisions are up to you, but it’s nice to be able to rely on his honesty.
He’s also totally available to his clients; when he says “call me if you need anything” or “call me any time” he means it; he is really that available to his client.
Probably the most unusual thing about working with Harley Fisher is that he is more interested in his clients’ comfort and satisfaction than holding them to the listing contract. From the beginning he told us that if we weren’t happy with him or weren’t satisfied with his services or performance for any reason, then we should not continue to work with him and he would let us out of the contract. We were more than satisfied with him, but it was still nice to know that’s how he felt.

Our sale was a little challenging because the house was right on Monaco Parkway, and we knew that would be a problem for some buyers. Still, Harley got the house sold with only one price reduction and within a reasonable amount of time. He was great about handling the details for the closing. We had to accommodate the buyers with a lot of extra forms and paperwork required by their CHAFA loan, but Harley handled that with no problem as well. We would definitely recommend Harley if you are thinking about selling a home in Denver.

— Michael and Suzanne W.

Harley Fisher sold a house for me in the Cook Park area of Denver. There were many challenges associated with the sale — and the house — and Harley went above and beyond the call of duty in dealing with all of them. He is a great guy and a terrific real estate agent. I would highly recommend him.

My situation was complicated. The house was my mother’s house and it was quite dated, with many far-from-neutral colors. We needed to paint everything, replace some ugly blue carpet, clean out the basement, fix the furnace and do a fair amount of work inside and outside. Harley was a great resource for everything we needed to have done, and recommended excellent service people. He was very helpful in this stage of the sale.

We also had numerous problems with my very uncooperative brother. Harley had to put up with a lot from this difficult-to-deal-with person, but he hung in there.

There were also some legal complications because although the house was in my name, there were two other heirs. Harley knew just the right attorney for what we needed, and again he went over and above the call of duty by shepherding the process of getting the quit claim deeds required.

No matter what problems arise, Harley knows the right people and can get things handled. More important, he clearly cares about the people he works with. It’s not just a transaction for him.

Harley helped through every stage of a difficult process, got us a good price, shared great resources, was extremely professional, and is helpful and caring — indeed, I came to consider him a friend.

And in the end, we had a smooth and easy closing.

What more could you possibly want from your real estate agent?

— Billie A