My pledge is to provide you with the highest level of service in the real estate industry. I pledge to carry out and follow through on every element of this Action Plan. I am 100% committed to you and this pledge.

I pledge to:

  1. Provide you with a checklist of this 30-Point Action Plan so that you can hold me accountable
  2. Personally tour your home to analyze and determine the key selling features of the property
  3. Carefully measure the exterior of your house to get precise square footage in order to accurately and honestly market your home
  4. Prepare an extremely thorough market analysis so that your home is correctly priced in order to net you the greatest amount of money and to sell it within the least amount of time
  5. Immediately upon signing the listing agreement, place a sign in your front yard and put a lock box on your front door so that marketing and showings can begin right away
  6. Within two hours of receiving a signed listing, submit your home to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)
  7. Create custom color brochures to be kept in the home and in the exterior brochure box, as well as regularly monitor the brochure box to keep it fully stocked
  8. Develop a list of features and benefits of your home for brokers and prospects. This is in addition to the brochure
  9. Send brochures to all agents in the realtor community who have a customer profile compatible with your home or who focus in your area and neighborhood
  10. A mailing will be prepared and sent to those in your neighborhood
  11. If appropriate, prepare and place a newspaper ad about your home
  12. If appropriate, a niche market mailing will also be sent to identified prospects who might be interested in your home
  13. Submit copies of your listing to the weekly Board of Realtors’ marketing session
  14. Notify all active brokers and agents within one square mile of your home that property is available
  15. Maximize every possible opportunity to sell your property. When prospecting for new clients, I’ll make sure they know your property is for sale. When networking with other agents, we’ll inquire if they have an interested buyer
  16. Provide you with a weekly written update of all showings and marketing activity
  17. Follow up with all the salespeople who have shown your home and share their feedback with you
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  1. Give you a copy of your multiple listings, your brochure, and a copy of any ads that have run
  2. Suggest and advise you as to any changes that might make your property more marketable
  3. Hold open houses if appropriate
  4. Repeat our initial marketing blitz … contacting other agents and niche-market buyers every 30 days until your property is under contract
  5. When possible, pre-qualify all prospective buyers. Also, make you aware of the various methods of financing that your buyer may want to use
  6. Assist you in arranging interim financing, if necessary
  7. Immediately inform you if I’ve been told to expect an offer/contract, and deliver offer as soon as I receive it
  8. Review and advise you in regards to any contract submitted. While completely representing your interests, I will assist you with counteroffers and help you negotiate the best price and terms
  9. Guide you through the selling process once a contract has been accepted, including keeping you informed of all contingencies, time frames, and all seller requirements
  10. Guide and advise you through the buyer’s contingencies, including inspection, inspection negotiations, other due diligence issues, financing, appraisal, and other steps in the process
  11. Review the title work with you
  12. Meticulously review all closing documents, deeds, title work, closing procedures, and closing figures with you, and answer any questions you may have
  13. Attend the closing with you and present you with your check!

Our main goal is not to have your house For Sale … it’s to have it SOLD!

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